Art and Design GCSE

Art provides a practical, exciting and stimulating way to learn about and engage with the world around us. You need to have an interest in making art and in improving your skills. GCSE Art students are creative, motivated, enthusiastic, willing to discuss ideas and act upon their teacher’s advice.

For the course, you will be required to purchase a sketchbook, A2 portfolio and art equipment in order to continue your work independently at home.

Unit 1: Course-work (60%)
From your first lesson you will produce a portfolio of art work which aims to develop your skills in a range of materials. You will do at least three themes / projects over the two years. We expect you to develop your independence and be able to show a range of skills, ideas and artist research.

Unit 2: Exam Project (40%)
From January of the final year you will select one question from an externally set exam paper. This you will develop into a project which you will have one term to complete. The final outcome is then made under controlled test conditions.

Assessment Procedure - Both units are internally assessed by your teachers and externally moderated by exam board.

  • Art Textiles– This is a good option for students who like trying new techniques, like colour and pattern and like making things.
  • Art Graphics—This is a good option for those students who like designing things, like using the computer and like drawing.
  • Fine Art—This is ideal for those who like drawing and exploring a range of different techniques, including 3D.

Opportunities at CEC ...
This subject will open up the possibility to take A Level Art & Design or AS Photography at CEC. This then enables you to apply for any Art OR Design related Degree course at University e. g. Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion, Interior Design, Animation, Illustration, Multi media, Film & Photography and more

Complementary Subjects
Most subjects would compliment or balance this subject such as; Music, History, Geography, Languages, Drama, P.E. Media.