Uniform & Equipment List

Uniform & Equipment List

At Cowes Enterprise College we believe in establishing a culture of behaviour that supports learning.

This is reflected in our expectations of personal appearance and attitudes to learning and in terms of the standards and aspirations we have for our students.

We believe that a smart appearance helps develop a sense of pride which reflects in a more positive approach to work and behaviour.

It is students' responsibility to wear their uniform correctly to show respect for the Academy, including on the way to and from school

Optional Alternative

College Blazer (worn around the academy at all times, may be removed in lessons with the teacher’s permission)

A plain black ‘V’ neck pullover may also be worn

Smart black trousers (must be loose-fitting and about the same width from knee to ankle)

An Academy kilt or smart black shorts

White collared shirt, tucked in with Academy tie

A white revered collared blouse, tucked in, without tie

Plain black or white knee or ankle socks or tights or plain tan tights (trainer socks are not allowed)

Plain black school shoes or trainers (heels, open toes, sling-backs etc. are not acceptable)

No boots

Jewellery must not be worn. No Facial Piercings.

One simple stud or sleeper may be worn in the lobe of each ear. A wristwatch may be worn

Make-up must not be visible; non-natural hair colour is not allowed.

Nail Varnish must only be clear in colour and no false nails of any description is permitted.

Essential PE Items

Black & Red Polo Shirt (with CEC badge)

Black Shorts (with CEC badge)

Red/Black or Red or Black football socks

Trainers (separated from school shoes)

Football or Rugby boots (please see Football Boot Guidance)

Shin pads

Hair Tie

Earing tape (if they cant be removed)

Optional Extra Uniform Items

Black Jumper or CEC rugby top or tracksuit top

Black Skorts

Black & Red or Black Track Bottoms. Leggings can only be worn under shorts or a skort and must be black

Gum shield (if wishing to take part in contact rugby games)

Uniform stockists 'Simmonds'

Our nominated uniform stockists 'Simmonds' have a shop in the College Reception.

Please click here for a link to Simmonds Website for more information and online ordering.

Uniform Shop Opening Times

The shop is open Monday and Friday lunchtimes 12-1.45pm and also Wednesdays after School 2.45pm-3.45pm


The following items should be brought every day.

  • A sensible school bag (rucksacks are ideal) that is big enough to take an A4 exercise book without damaging it.
  • A pencil case containing:
  • Black or blue pen (at least two)
  • Pencil(s) and sharpener
  • A red pen (for corrections)
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Set square
  • Pair of compasses
  • Glue stick
  • A scientific calculator. We recommend either Casio FX83GT+ or FX85GT+.
Optional alternative
  • It is desirable to have coloured pens/pencils and highlighter pens.
  • For sixth-form students studying mathematics at A. level, we recommend a Casio TI84+ Graphical Calculator.
  • For those with long hair, a method of tying hair back for practical activities in science or technology.
  • A bottle for water. Students are encouraged to drink and may keep a suitable bottle of water on their desk. They can be filled from water dispensers around the Academy. Flavoured waters, fizzy or sugary drinks are not allowed in lessons.