Media Studies GCSE

Course Content

GCSE Media Studies is offered as a two unit GCSE. Pre-production and production skills are fully integrated into both the Controlled Assessments and the External Assessments.

The course uses four major concepts which form the basis of the subject content:

  • Media Language: Forms and Conventions
  • Institutions
  • Audience
  • Representation


Written (40%): Unit 1 is a written exam and requires candidates to investigate a pre-released media topic and to undertake research and planning in order to respond to four tasks.
Practical (60%): Unit 2 comprises three controlled assessments which require candidates to build on their understanding of the media key concepts, over the two years.

Opportunities at CEC and beyond

  • Develop a range of Media skills including using Apple macs, editing video and sound, researching, and print layout and editing.
  • A Level 2 qualification will allow you access to most Level 3 qualifications.
  • This course can lead to further courses in subjects such as A Level Media Studies, English and BTEC Media Studies.
  • Jobs in this industry include designer, technician, etc.

Complementary Subjects

Drama, Music, Art, Design and Technology, English, IT, History