Geography GCSE

Course Content

The course is made up of 4 units, each worth 25%. The topics we study give students the opportunity to study a range of named examples and to build on their skills and knowledge from Key Stage 3.

Assessment Procedure

We study Edexcel Specification B

  • Unit 1 : Dynamic Planet (1 hour 15 minutes external exam) based on topics such as Tectonics, Climate change, Biospheres, Water world, Oceans and Coastal Geography.
  • Unit 2: People and the planet 1 hour 15 minutes external exam) based on topics such as Population, Development, Globalisation, Consuming Resources, Urban challenges and the UK economy.
  • Unit 3: Making Geographical Decision (1 hour 30 minutes external exam) where students will use geographical skills and resources to justify their decision regarding a chosen topical issue.
  • Unit 4: Controlled Assessment (internally assessed piece of coursework) a 2,000 investigation of physical processes on the Isle of Wight. Based on data collected by students themselves during a field trip.

Opportunities at CEC and beyond

  • A Level 2 qualification will allow you access to most Level 3 qualifications.
  • This course can lead to further courses in subjects such as Geography AS and A2, Sociology, Biology or Travel and Tourism.
  • A GCSE in Geography is excellent preparation for a career in planning, resource and countryside management, tourism and recreation and environmental management and development.

Complementary Subjects

Sciences (particular Biology), English, Maths, History and ICT.