College Governors

The Local Governing Body of Cowes Enterprise College is accountable to the Ormiston Academies Trust and has a strategic overview role within the academy. The Local Governing Body has three core aims:

  • To guide the overall strategic direction of the academy
  • To ensure financial probity
  • To hold the Principal to account for the educational performance of the students

Governors do this through the Local Governing Body half-termly meetings and the Finance Committee which meets half termly. Governors also make visits to the academy and have regular meetings with senior leaders. Governors report back to the governing body on their findings and questions arising from these visits. They also receive the benefit of reports from external advisers, particularly from Ormiston Academies Trust. The Principal provides governors with a half-termly report where they can scrutinise academy performance data including attendance and provision for disadvantaged students. Governors hold individual roles for monitoring including safeguarding, SEND and disadvantaged groups. Governors hold regular conference sessions during the year to update themselves on current matters affecting governance and the workings of the academy. Governors approve academy policies and these may be found under statutory and non-statutory policies on this website; paper copies are available to view by asking at the front office.

The minutes from the Local Governing Body meetings are available to view on the academy website and paper copies at Reception.

How to contact the Governing Body:

In writing addressed to the Chair of the Governing Body at the academy address,

By email to the clerk to the Governing Body:

(Please remember that governors cannot become involved in individual student or staff matters. The correct procedures must be followed within the academy. Please see the Complaints Policy and Staff Grievance Policy.)

All governors at this academy are appointed/approved by Ormiston Academies Trust and serve a 4-year term of office.

Current Governors at Cowes are:

Ken Lloyd, Chair of Governors

Rachel Kitley, Principal

Luke Bowers

Nigel Harley

Emma Heathcote

Rob Pritchard

Sue Waters

Roland White

Rachel Brown

Staff Governors:

Karen Jupe

Vicky Leonard

Clerk to the Local Governing Body:

Mrs Jill Wareham


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