Equality Statement

Equality Statement

Promoting equality and community cohesion at Cowes Enterprise College

At Cowes Enterprise College we have a strong commitment to fairness and equality in everything that we do.

Our Equality Objectives 2019-2020

§ To monitor changes to the curriculum to ensure they result in good outcomes for pupils in all vulnerable groups

§ To Improve the quality of support for pupils in all vulnerable groups in the classroom

§ To strengthen the delivery of teaching regarding equality and diversity across the academy

§ To narrow the pupil premium and SEN gap at KS4

§ To improve provision for pupils for whom English is an additional language

§ To ensure that pupils with low prior attainment, in particular boys in the lower years improve their reading and writing so that they can learn more rapidly

§ To reduce the number of exclusions of SEN pupils

Please view below our full report for 2020.

Full Equality Report 2020Download